The merits of a solo cinematic adventure...

Good afternoon, loves!

Have you ever had a solo cinematic adventure?  Are you one of the apparently brave souls who has ventured into the movie theater and sat down ALONE?  If you have not, I highly recommend it.

One day a few years ago, I wanted to see the Hunger Games and my usual movie buddy had already seen it.  So, I decided that I would just go alone.  Treat myself.  I was so nervous.  I walked up to the ticket window and thought, "Oh my God, what are they going to think of me?"  But then something happened.  They didn't even flinch.  They don't care.  Let me be honest, most people probably don't care what you do on any given day.  So I got my ticket, took my seat and boom.  My world changed.  It was magnificent.  

There was an incident a year or so after that made this revelation more common place for me.  I sat between two friends.  One decided to groan and grumble for every scene he disapproved of and the other LEFT ALL OF HIS TRASH behind as we exited the theater, remarking that it was the employees job to clean up after him.  No sir, it is not their job to throw away your trash.  They are not your servants.   You are a grown ass man.  It is their job to clean up accidental spills of soda and popcorn.  

So since then, aside from a few dates and nephew outings, I go it alone.  Usually for things I REALLY want to see. 

If you have been Curious George about the idea of going it alone, let me give you a few reasons why it is absolutely wonderful.

1. YOU CAN SIT ANYWHERE YOU WANT.  No more of this apprehensive battle of "This aisle?  Is this too close for you?  What about the middle?"  NO more!  No more.  You just walk in, find your sweet spot and sit your ass down. 

2. YOU CAN GO WHENEVER IT'S CONVENIENT FOR YOU.   Many a times there has been a long debate about a day and time that works for everyone.  Most of the time it results in never actually making the movie date, or someone in the group having to travel way farther than the rest.  When do I prefer to go, you might ask? Well, friends, I like to go in the morning for two reasons.  It's CHEAP and it's EMPTY.

3. NO ONE WILL TALK TO YOU.  I've had a few movie going experiences where my movie buddy decided it was 100% okay to comment or ask questions about the movie in the middle of the theater.  Not okay.  Commenting while watching it at home?  KINDA okay, in the middle of the theater, NEVER OKAY.  I don't care how inaccurate the facts are, how implausible the plot is, or how cheesy a love scene is.  It's a movie.  It's FICTION.   When you make a movie, I'll be the first in line to watch it and give you notes.  This also cannot be the first time you've seen a movie.  If it bothers you, stop going.  

4. YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE FEELS.  I'm a movie crier.  Hell, I'm a commercial crier.  And when I say I cry, I mean I sob.   But when I go with someone I know, chances are I hold back and deprive myself of experiencing the movie to its fullest.  They want you to cry.  They NEED you to cry.  There have only been a few instances where I've cried regardless of the company and it has been called out every single time.  

5. YOU CAN FOCUS ON THE MOVIE.  I worry, especially when I choose the movie, if the person I'm with is enjoying the movie.  Can't completely explain why but I'm sure it has something to do with feeling responsible for their entertainment.  

6.  YOU CAN SEE WHATEVER YOU WANT.  This one is the most important.  I take movies very seriously.  I'm also on a self employed budget, so when I go to the movies, I want it to be for something that I've been dying to see.   When going out with other people, sometimes you're at the mercy of what THEY want to see, and that's valuable movie dollars being spent.  

7.  YOU CAN FORM YOUR OWN OPINIONS.  I don't read reviews for movies, books or TV shows before experiencing them myself.  I have found that one person's opinion on something can alter my perception and ruin something entirely for me.  I went on a date to see Knocked Up, I was totally enjoying it, and then the guy commented that the movie was running a little long.  That was it.  I hated the movie after that.  I was immediately bored. Once I experience the movie in it's entirety by myself, I form a strong, willful opinion that generally cannot be shaken.  Iron Man 1, 2 & 3?  All gold in my opinion, don't care what you say.  I also am apparently one of the few that enjoy the Amazing Spiderman 1 &2 more than the early 2000s versions, but I'm okay with that.   

I'm not saying that you should never go to the movies with anyone else ever again.  I still go with friends here and there, but there are advantages of the solo cinematic adventure that should not be overlooked.