well well well...

I have proved to be quite a terrible blogger.  I haven't been here in a while and I wanted to send out some love to the few that actually read this.  Hello.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you've been well.  

Now, I haven't given finished pictures of what I worked on this holiday season, so here they are:

Things have gotten even MORE busy since Christmas at Belly Bean Cards.  I've been working on expanding our product to wedding invitations, and have been swamped.  I also received a new painting commission.  I will (hopefully) disclose updates as it progresses.  It's a big one.  

Because of said busyness, substituting has come to a complete stop.  I have only subbed one half day since Christmas and that was the first week in January.  

For now, teaching is not in my immediate future.  It's not something I am interested in.  My focus is on my business and my art.  Maybe in the future I'll elaborate.  But for now.  Belly Bean is my life.  

Okay!  Well, that was short and sweet. Love and bananas, friends :)